Pioneers In The Manufacture of Hypophosphite Salts in India


Looking Back Looking Forward:

Today we are on the threshold of our successful third decade. Pioneers in the  manufacture of Hypophosphite Salts in India, the Company was incorporated in 1969 at  Vapi, Gujarat State in the vicinity of Mumbai, The visionary founder Mr. Chandrakant Shah  envisaged a boom in Chemical Industry and he was right on dot. "You follow quality and the  sales will follow" was the dictum on which Mr. Shah did build his empire. 

1974-75. It was a watershed in the history of Indian Chemicals Industry. A boom in  pharmaceuticals skyrocketed the demand for chemicals. Mr. Kiran Shahsaw an opportunity  and decided to tap this market. He expanded the manufacturing and trading activities. The year 1987-88 marked the entry ofMr. Bhavesh Shah. His thrust was on exports. By 1990, the Company was exporting Chemicals to various parts of the world and the quantity stood at around 30 tonnes per annum. Efforts are on to take it to a never before height of 200 tonnes per annum, by the year 2000. And the beneficiaries of our exports are none other than the first world countries like Australia, France, Germany and other European countries.

Expansion & Diversification:

Nothing succeeds like success. Soon the Company engaged in capacity enhancement, technology upgradation and large scale modernization. Research & Development is going on for Phosphorous Compound & Phosphene Derivatives. Our domestic demand took an upward trend and the flagship company Victory Chemicals set up three other group companies to cater to this unprecedented demand. Vishal Chemicals for manufacturing, Kiran Chemicals ( and Mahavir Chemicals for trading.

Catalyst For The Growth:

In domestic market some of our esteemed clients are Abbott Laboratories, Rhone-Poulenc, Parke-Davis and Hoechstto name a few among the leaders in industry. Thanks to our quality and competitive price structure, the circle is widening.

Other Credentials:

Well accepted in India and abroad our Products meet the international standards. Victory Chemical is member of Chemexcil, I.D.M.A. and the Chemists & Druggists Association of Mumbai. It is matter of prestige and proud to a company that started its production in a humble way with some limited staff and unwavered commitment to quality.